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Cherry Jerry's Morning Mix

Cherry Jerry's Morning Mix

The Cherry Hut

Say good morning the Cherry Jerry way: with a smile! The grin starts when you pour some Cherry Coffee into your Cherry Hut Coffee Mug, savor that taste and grab some jam and honey and toast to a great day! Includes some great mid morning snacks (smiles), mid afternoon snacks (smiles), mid evening snacks(smiles) that are perfect any time or paired with any morning staple (partnership with oatmeal pending). Start your day with a smile, its the Cherry Jerry way!

CJ's Morning Mix Includes the following Cherry Hut Products:

1 - Cherry Hut Coffee Mug
1 - 8 oz. bag of ground Cherry Coffee
1 - 1.5 oz. bag of ground Chocolate Cherry Coffee
1 - 10 oz. Tart Cherry Jam

1 - 1/2 Pint Pure MI Cherry Honey Creme
1 - 4 oz. bag of Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries
1 - 3 oz. bag of Milk Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries

Note: No guarantee on the morning/afternoon/evening smile, but ask yourself have you ever not seen Cherry Jerry smiling? Think about it...

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